Thursday, 23 December 2010

Day 23 - Thawing Out

Across the fields
I was so eager and organised yesterday, today I wasn't really sure what to do with myself.  I did make fizzy jelly, a la Sainsbury's Magazine suggestion, using strawberry jelly and sparkling wine.  I am now drinking the rest of said sparkling wine.

Boys! Not sure how zoom works.
This morning I downloaded my photos from my phone to do yesterday's blog, and remembered that I'd taken a couple of photos of the boys while walking to my friends on Tuesday.  I'd forgotten the camera, and so used my phone as it is a Sony Ericson Cybershot phone of sorts - they're supposed to be good yet, sometimes I'm not so sure of the quality.  Most of my cake photos are from the phone - but they don't move, so they usually come out okay.

Anyway, here are photos of out back - there's a footpath that runs the outside of the housing estates and is a quick way to get to some of the places without the hassle of cars, so I can let the boys run and not worry about them.

It was lovely out there, still very snowy, especially across the untouched fields.  We could hear the roar of the M5 in the distance - which is basically across those fields. 

I told them to stand still - my camera phone doesn't like movement
I also found photos I'd taken going to work on the Sunday.  It was just so picturesque but not sure if my phone really did it justice.  But this is the main road near us that I have to walk to go to work.  I wish I'd taken it Saturday morning, it was even more untouched.  But we've got new street lamps along this road and it's so much brighter, and with the snow it felt like daylight. I don't walk that way, but the park is there, and it all just looked lovely.

Today, the temperature has been slightly milder so some of the snow has started melting.  But I still think we'll have a white blanket for Christmas day, and that will be the first time in my lifetime, that I can remember, having snow on the ground Christmas Day.

Our road joining the main road Sunday 19 December
My son asked will it be a white Christmas.  Technically, I think to class as a white Christmas it has to snow on Christmas day.  But we will have snow.

So now I'm starting to stress a little. Got to remember to take the turkey out, etc. I've jobs to do tomorrow and it's going to be so exciting.

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