Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Day 7 - It's Cold Outside

Wow! So cold in fact, I got my hat out today, to walk to my friends for a coffee and a chat.  My ears were much warmer but I had to really pull it down.  I think I want one of those cute hats that come down past your ears.  They might look silly but I imagine they are very practical - and warm!  We can do warm. We don't do cold.

It has been trying to snow today, either that, or the frost was falling from the trees. And sad as I am, I took a photograph of our pond (now wishing I'd taken one with my phone, it would be easier to share) which is frozen in places, and has great chunky icicles hanging from the bush at the back, where the fountain is hitting it.  I even buttered some bread and put that out for the birds.  It's on my list to purchase some peanuts for them.  I won't complain though, I think I'd rather it cold and crisp like this, reminding me it's winter, than it raining and miserable.

This week seems to be filling up with stuff to do and I'm starting to wonder when I'm going to get the chance to marzipan my Christmas cake. 

My friend gave me her Christmas card - that's another thing I need to do, write cards.  Still not sure if I'm going to do what I did last year, and limit what I send out and just put a message to those I see on Facebook etc.  She also gave me some books to read - classics!  They'll be included in next year's to-read pile. 

Nothing really Christmassy achieved today, though a couple of presents arrived from Amazon.  I shop so much more online now that I have two kids.  So much easier.  My shopping is nearly all done, then I will have to try and do some wrapping up - especially while the kids are still at school/preschool.  Okay - that's next weeks job then!

Trying to pull my finger out with my writing, and phoned Tesco Magazine and Sainsbury's Magazine today to get contact names.  Emailed off an outline to each, for different articles.  Tonight has been spent researching magazines and their guidelines for short stories.  I have three that haven't got anywhere, so now need to think where else to try them.  Some may need fattening up, or even trimming down, to suit the word count requirements, and I need to make sure they are suitable in content.

I really want to become a 'published' writer... that would be a fantastic Christmas present from Santa! 

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