Friday, 3 December 2010

Day 3 - We Have Birthday's Too

Bumper Car Katie on the Pier - Kieran is there somewhere!
Can't quite concentrate on Christmas yet.  Today is Katie's birthday - my little sister has turned twenty-three!

And tomorrow will be Ben's, who said this morning, "I'm so excited I'll be six tomorrow."  Bless. 

So today, I have spent icing his birthday cake and putting on the cake topper.  Photos to follow tomorrow!

I did do something Christmassy this afternoon - I went to choose our Christmas tree, with the help of my dad.  It's our little tradition now - all of three years running.  He comes along with his pick-up and takes it home for me.  Not sure yet when we're going to put our decorations up - we have busy weekends ahead of us, but I don't like to put them up until after Ben's birthday, letting his cards be up at least a week.  I remember as a kid, my dad wouldn't put ours up till about a week before Christmas, but now we usually do something around two weeks before.  

Saying that, Hubby is about to put the outside lights up on the house.  We like those up early.  They take a bit to put up, so it's good to have those up to make it worth all the while. 

Happy birthday, Katie!