Sunday, 12 December 2010

Book Review: Love Writing by Sue Moorcroft

Love Writing: How to Make Money Writing Romantic or Erotic FictionLove Writing: How to Make Money Writing Romantic or Erotic Fiction by Sue Moorcroft

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This really was an interesting and fun book to read.  Actually, I'm dying to read one of Sue Moorcroft's (fiction) books now, as her 'voice' was wonderful in this and so funny.  Gotta be the first writing advice book I've chuckled through (except maybe 'How NOT To Write A Novel' by Sandra Newman & Howard Mittelmark).

"We're not mad. We're inhabited." p93 Love that line.

I also chuckled (rather loudly) at her confession about Viggo Mortenson.  Makes me a young girl, because I was soooo looking at Orlando Bloom :D (p8) - though, how old is Lord Of The Rings now... maybe I should watch again, and it will be Viggo who catches my eye as the hero?  Anyway, I digress....

For every wannabe (romance) writer this should be on your bookshelf.  It's filled with really useful information, from writing a synopsis to a cover letter, and it's realistic.  This book does not gloss over that there will be hard work ahead of you.  But then, we all knew that, right?

This book also contains advice from other novelists, publishers and agents.  Helps with some jargon that we writers may come across - I don't want to write a 'wallbanger'.  But know now the 'slush pile' isn't so bad.

I found Love Writing thought provoking, inspiring and easy to follow, with some great (albeit daunting) advice about agents and publishers, and self-promoting.

I give this book a big fat five star phwoarr!

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This takes me to my forty books for the year - whooo hooo! 


  1. Thanks for the review Teresa. Now I can add another one to the list.

  2. Hi Teresa,
    I'll add it to my Christmas list too. Just read "Starting Over" by Sue and thoroughly enjoyed it. Mx

  3. I've got this on my To Buy list. I'll definitely get it soon!

    Congrats on getting to your target for the year!

  4. Thanks for a great review, Teresa! Much appreciated.

    Hope you do enjoy the fiction, too - I'm about to begin my second draft of Love and Freedom so will be putting to work some of my own advice about putting my head down and getting it done. :-)

  5. No problem, Sue. This book was a very good read and definitely useful.

    To the others: It gives a realistic approach to romance writing (and writing in general) so I hope you guys find it as helpful as I did.


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