Sunday, 14 December 2014

Advent Calendar - Day 14

The 14th door! Only 11 days to go...

All the boys' presents are wrapped, and hidden in the garage.. just need to do the family ones now.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping or have you not even started?

This year, working in a Post Office, I decided to send a few Christmas cards, but I've only sent to close friends and family that I don't see so often. It's too much expense, and for those that I see regularly, I'd rather have a drink with and share a merry Christmas.

In my other defence, it aggravates my RSI lol!

Today I'm putting up the Christmas decorations! I'm saving the tree for the boys, as they want to help, so it will be donning its lights, but we will leave the rest until tomorrow.

Do you have any favourite decorations, ones that need to be put up every year, traditionally?

If I see decorations with the boys' names on then I like to buy them. But I will only get them if I can find both names as I like to treat them equally. Can't get one without the other. They come as a pair.

And because this blog is lacking some eye candy... look who's helping me... Mr Aquarius... if I can wake him up!

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