Thursday, 4 December 2014

Advent Calendar - Day 4

Hungry Horse for tea! 
Today is my son's 10th birthday! We're into double figures now! Where has my baby gone?

Therefore this blog post is dedicated to Ben. Happy 10th birthday!

Benjamin James aka Ben is my sensible and sometimes very slow child (especially when eating something he doesn't like). He's a bright boy with a great sense of humour and is quietly confident. He makes me very proud (and cross at times). I worry that he may not realise how much I do love him as he probably feels I'm shouting at or nagging him constantly.

I don't like to put any Christmas cards up or decorations, except the Advent calendar, until he's had his birthday and his cards get to stay up for a week.

The Advent Calendar.
He loves that his birthday is in the Advent Calendar, and I usually put a bit extra in. I have a cloth advent calendar that I fill with a piece of chocolate. Luckily the pockets are large enough to hold one for each of the boys.

We love each other really. 

Ben with his brother, Kieran.
10 years ago today, a dream came true for me. x 
n.b. Photos of the cake will be on Twitter and Facebook... as I've had to schedule this post - obviously! (Because I'm busy making the cake!)

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