Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Advent Calendar - Day 23

Only two more sleeps! Come on, you must be excited now. My kids are driving me crazy.

I'm pleased to say I've found Nigella Lawson's website hold's her Mulled Cider recipe which is in her Nigella Christmas... I recommend you have this on the go while you're cooking your Christmas dinner. I know I will be! Mulled cider helps with the festivities.

And so, for the 23rd door, I thought I would cover my new book that is out in eBook 8th January, 2015 - One Fine Day.

It's based around Autumn and Christmas, but it isn't a Christmas story, and it has an element of a superhero theme running through it.

One Fine Day - blurb:

Just a boy standing in front of a girl…

Steve Mason returns from Hollywood after 15 years to catch up with his sister, Ruby. He’s miserable because the woman he was planning on marrying has dumped him.

He’s now worried that with his A-list celebrity status he won’t find a woman who genuinely loves him. Ruby devises a plan to disguise Steve, so that he is unrecognisable as the famous Hollywood actor, in a hope to help him find true love. It worked for Clark Kent, right?

As Steve searches for his not-so-perfect woman and has a taste of normality, his relationship develops with his sister. But will he find the right woman before he has to head back to his real life in Hollywood?

One Fine Day Links:

Amazon UK Paperback ~ Amazon UK Ebook ~ Amazon US ~ Add On Goodreads ~ Harper Impulse

My inspiration for Steve Mason is Bradley Cooper - now you have this image in your head, you should surely enjoy. 

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