Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Advent Calendar - Day 17

Gratuitous Eye Candy 
What's behind door number 17? 

Apart from the gratuitous eye candy picture, I thought I'd share my favourite Christmas films! 

Back in November, when it was my weekend to have the boys, we went to see Nativity 3 - Dude Where's My Donkey? 

I will say it's not as good as Nativity or Nativity 2, however my kids did thoroughly enjoy this film and want a class room assistant like Mr Poppy. In fact they want Mr Poppy!

So here are my favourite Christmassy films, in no particular order... 

Home Alone - just another childhood favourite, plus I love the houses all lit up with the fairy lights. 

The Santa Clause - I'm a fan of Tim Allen from his Home Improvement days, so this really is a fun movie.

Santa Claus: The Movie - as a child I loved this film! It tells us how Santa gets around the world and everything. I was never sure of Dudley Moore though. 

Nativity 2 - Danger in a Manager - Hilarious and it has David Tennant. What more would you want? Below is the trailer. It's a must watch! 

And if you want more adult movies, Rom Coms there's Love Actually, The Holiday... There are probably more great Christmas movies that I've missed off - please share your favourites! 

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