Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Advent Calendar - Day 16

Christmas Cake won by Ben
Not long now! The kids only have a few days left at school. Today is their Christmas dinner. They've gone to school wearing their Christmas jumpers, and have a cracker for the table. It's all getting rather exciting on day 16 of the advent calendar!

The tree is now decorated... decorations are up... just the last presents to be wrapped and I've promised to make mince pies this year.

Good job I didn't make a Christmas cake, as Ben won this one at his school Christmas Fair by guessing its weight - he was the closest with 3kgs. It is heavy! I had to carry it home from school as we'd walked.

I covered Christmas cakes in day 5 of this Advent Calendar... but I wasn't to know that on the 6th I'd win this cake. lol!

Is there any other favourite recipes you like to use with the run up to Christmas? I can't wait to get the mulled cider going...

Last night I went carol singing with Kieran at the school which reminded me I wanted to share a Christmas song on my blog. The song is not necessarily Christmassy, but the video is, I do love this song by Frank and Nancy Sinatra, however Robbie and Nicole do a good job, too (in my opinion).

Tomorrow... films!

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