Monday, 8 December 2014

Advent Calendar - Day 8

It's the 8th of December... only 17 days until Christmas...

Have you written your wish list to Santa yet? What would you wish for?

The boys sent their letters off to Santa a few days ago. We await his reply. Maybe I should write mine?

Dear Santa, 

I've tried to be good all year... honest. Those other times it was the wine's fault.

And my friends led me astray...  

On the proviso that you do consider that I've been good enough to receive some gifts, here are some of the small things I would love for Christmas... if you can fit them on the sleigh...

I would really like; a brand new Range Rover in gold... 

A pair of diamond earrings... Still haven't managed to land myself some of those.

And Tom Hiddleston - now that's not too much to ask, surely? He's a nice man, I'm sure he'll be more than happy to be wrapped up and left under my tree... no?

Okay, if all that's a bit hard to organise at short notice, and I really haven't been that good... then I'd be happy with a few extra book sales... and the film rights sold. Ha ha! (A girl can dream!). 

Otherwise, Santa, may my friends and family be happy, with luck on their side, and for the next year to run smoothly, with continued happiness and none of those little annoying complications and stresses that life likes to throw at us. 

Lots of Love, Teresa x x 

p.s. there will be plenty of mince pies and sherry at this house on Christmas Eve x 

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