Tuesday, 15 March 2011

That Cheered Me Up!

I won a book!

Luckily, I was checking my junkmail folder last night and I saw an email from Choc Lit saying congratulations, I'd won their Flavour Of The Month competition.  (Look at the right hand column! I'm at the top).

The idea is to describe your favourite Choc Lit hero in terms of chocolate.  I'd described Ratty from Starting Over by Sue Moorcroft. 

"Dark bitter chocolate on the outside, but gives you a lovely surprise when you bite into him, revealing his true nutty, can’t get enough of him flavours." 

So Ratty.  He was seriously addictive.  He's been my favourite hero so far this year.  Every girl needs a guy like Ratty.

The reason I entered, I thought I'd put my Goodreads review for this book over on the site, and while I was at it decided to attempt describing Ratty as chocolate.  So it does pay to do a book review!

The book I've won is Christina Courtenay's The Scarlet Kimono - which is her latest release.  It's a historical, and I was indecisive about buying it.  Now I'm going to get to read it anyway (so watch out for a review).

I really needed cheering up, and this certainly did it yesterday.