Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Busy Day ...

... but sadly no writing - yet. 

I did actually manage to sit down and read some of my Writing Magazine (April issue) and a little bit of my coursework.  (And while hubby was bathing the boys I read my book).  That's all classed as WRA (Writing Related Activities). But otherwise, I've been a busy bee making a birthday cake and doing the chores.  I really haven't stopped today.  After I've posted this blog, my aim is to finish reading my module and crack on with my ghost story.

If you want a giggle, my sister has updated her blog too. There is a funny Vlog of the weekend they spent with us - the boys are the stars of the show, obviously.  Just ignore me and mum in the background gassing away!

Typical, the boys were ill over the weekend.  It didn't stop us having fun, yet, I did worry with them being around Katie.  She's not supposed to be around sick people! Kieran even spent today off preschool, and a good job too, because he was crashed out on the sofa asleep by 1pm.  Hoping he's going to be well enough for his big day on Thursday! And especially Saturday, as he's got a party to host.

Kieran really wants Jesse, and wanted her on his cake. Unfortunately I couldn't find a miniature one, only Buzz and Woody.  But I have bought a 'shop' cake, which has all of the Toy Story 3 gang on it, including Jesse - that's for Saturday to be cut and put into the goodie bags.

Just realised, got some presents to wrap ... so maybe the writing will be on hold.  There is always something to do!

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