Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Proud Mummy Moments

They really do get on well - most of the time!
Because I have two sons, rather than daughters, they do Stars in Training at The Jacqueline Fox School of Dance, instead of Ballet!

Ben has already done a show at the Playhouse in Weston, where he stood gazing out to the audience, trying to look for mummy and daddy - he was four (nearly five).  He did do some of the dance, but he was overwhelmed by the stage.

This time, he performed his two dance acts brilliantly - for a six-year-old!  (I did have a little chat back stage and said don't look for daddy, but he is out there!)

Sunday (13 March 2011) was a mini show to raise money for the main event that's taking place in October, again at the Playhouse.

High School Musical meets Monke
Kieran was a real star in this mini show, having to sing on his own with his other little friend, Elizabeth, singing Old Mac Donald.  They both - although quiet at times - sang, did the actions, and kept looking up and out to the audience, rather than stare at the floor (which Jackie was worried they might do).  Both of them aren't even four yet.  Hubby said they did get the biggest applause!

They did two performances each. One in costume, the other in their dance 'uniform'.  I was helping back stage, but was allowed to stand and watch the performances of my two, so I didn't miss the important parts of the show.

Have I got stars in the making?  Who knows?  But I remember doing tap and ballet as a kid, and I did a couple of shows, and always think these things are lovely for their memory banks.  If it gives them nothing else, it will give them confidence.  (I am hoping they'll both be great dancers later - nothing more attractive than a man who can dance.... gosh, must make sure I add that to my 'hero' attributions list.)


  1. Aw, they're so cute. And it should definitely increase their confidence. Maybe they'll be bitten by the showbusiness bug. :D

    Heroes and dancing, funnily enough I was thinking about that last night, and watched that scene from In and Out "truly manly men do not dance". It's a bit of a weird one. I can't see your classical alpha male rocking out on the dance floor. :D

  2. I think it is attractive in the modern day man, but I suppose what I love watching is Strictly Come Dancing... so a man who knows his ballroom is gorgeous. And they need to lead the woman around the dance floor, what's not Alpha about that?


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