Monday, 7 March 2011

Climbed Out Of Limbo Land

Look! Real helicopter we can 'play' in!
Last Friday I received a response from my tutor saying she'd be happy for me to cover a museum (as I'd suggested) instead of a trade fair (as there weren't any for a while that I could attend, and felt it was holding the assignment up).  So yesterday we took the boys to the Helicopter Museum, and I was taking notes (well taking photographs of information I might need - it's easier!) as we walked around.  I only need to write a 500-750 word colour piece, so it's more to grab the sense of atmosphere really.  Have absolutely no idea where I would send this, might try the Mercury for a spot of free publicising for the museum.

The boys loved the trip out!  Already asking when they can go back.  Kieran had to know what every single helicopter was called - and his dad had to tell him, not me!  They were both fascinated and walked around with interest.  Maybe they will become the fourth generation of engineers in the Morgan family?

The hanger was cold, so we warmed up afterwards with lunch in the café and the ticket allows us now to come back for free for a year!

Finally I have my material for my 7th Assignment! I've even started a ghost story that was for Writing Magazine competition, but as it's due the 14th March, and my betas have suggested things to take it over the competition's word count, I might just write it and see if I can sell it to a short story magazine. I also started writing the last story of my series in my fan fiction.  It's romance, so will be good practise and at least I'm writing!

I never had writers block as such, I just didn't know what to write, and with this damn assignment, and the feeling of wanting to finish it, hindering me, I wasn't doing any constructive writing.

So, yes, now, I want my RSI to completely disappear and then I can just get on with it.  But it looks like I'll be tackling this stuff in bite size chunks (to manage my RSI), yet at least I now know what I want to be writing about.  I've got some projects to keep me busy until editing The Wedding Favour, which I'm not going to start until April.


  1. Aww bless them! =] Kieran really looks like he's into driving that helicopter :D x

  2. They loved it there! And now I have a ticket that's valid for a year :D Yay!


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