Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Small Ray Of Sunshine

I wished I'd saved my daffodil photo until now!

Thanks to the world of Twitter, a friend tweeted me (@Natalieroberts1 - a fellow Writer's Bureau student) congratulating me on my letter being published in Sainsbury's Magazine.

I'd totally forgotten that in January I'd sent a letter off to them and had even forgot to note it on my spreadsheet.  (I note everything I've sent to keep track of it).  I also keep all of my sent emails, but this one had gone into a different folder.

Anyway, though I am yet to see it for myself - I'll try to wait until Friday when I'm meeting a friend for coffee at Sainsbury's cafe, they do a wicked cappuccino! - apparently I've had my letter published.

I panicked initially too.  What if it was March issue and I'd just missed it? (I know it's March, but magazines like to publish a month ahead - not even sure what that's about).  But phew, it is the April edition.  

After the last couple of days feeling a bit depressed with my writing (or the lack of it) this was a nice little bonus.  Okay, it's not a paid published piece, but it's still a letter, and they're not easy to get published.  I'm assuming this counts to my writing CV?  Well, I'm making it count.

Two letters published and it's only the 2nd March! Whooo hooo!

Oh and I will say, (as they published my letter!) Sainsbury's Magazine is only £1.60 and is a good read, with some smashing recipes.  Considering Good Food or Good Housekeeping is around £3.60, it's an excellent, value for money buy. 

I'll keep trying to get an article in there...


  1. Congrats! Sainsbury's mag is a goodun :) Keep up the good work and try not to get downhearted

  2. Ooo well done. I'll get a copy soon. Mx

  3. Thanks, All. Yes, it might not be a paid article, but it's still published. I have to remember that there were probably hundreds of letters to chose from. It was the boost I needed.

    I'm going to buy it tomorrow when I go see my friend. Eager to go now... but I should really be getting on with other stuff (writing related activities).


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