Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Pinch Punch

And years ago, when I was a silly teenager, we had the saying, "flea injection, shield all over," before anyone could pinch us!  I wonder if any of my readers (they'll know who they are) remember that.

My daffodils - officially Spring is here!

So yes, it's the first of March. Daffodils are flowering on my front lawn, and I have clusters of mini daffodils (like above) along my front path.  But where did the last two months go?

I swear, having kids, and them being in school, makes time fly.  Before you know it one term is ending, then another beginning. My son is half way through Year 1.  It feels like yesterday he started Reception!  At this rate, Kieran will be off to school in no time (this September), and I have mixed feelings about that.  On the one side, I'm going to get six hours a day, five days a week, to concentrate on writing (plus housework and exercising).  I might even get some of my evenings back to relax a little, not that I don't enjoy writing in the evening.  I enjoy writing full stop.  On the other side of the coin, my baby is growing up!  And although he drove me barmy today, I will actually miss him.

Yesterday was his swimming lesson, even his tutor, Karen, thinks he's going to be a great diver!  (Should I be laughing at him?  He sometimes has me in hysterics).  He sort of swims like he's riding a bike in water.  Too bent kneed.  But he'll get there, eventually.  But he loves going under the water and jumping in.  The boy has no fear.

Tonight I started reading The Freelance Writer's Handbook by Andrew Crofts.  I've been feeling lost and unmotivated the past few days, the 7th assignment hanging over me and failing to write, not sure what to start etc.  In limbo land.  A friend recommened that I just concentreate on something else, so that's what I will do.  After some discussion through Twitter too (if you can do that in 140 characters), I also sorted out my study a little.  Tidy study, tidy mind, or something like that?  And last night I did email Writer's Bureau.  I may swap over to the fiction side of my coursework - still in two minds about that (hate the idea of quitting, yet I will come back to it, just my brain feels hell bent on wanting to write fiction), yet I'll see what they say.  So, I thought I'd start reading this, chapter a night, or every other night, to get it to sink in, maybe help motivate or inspire me.

I've also booked an appointment with my friend (who's a beautician) for a massage.  I think my back is full of knots and tension, which is not helping ease my RSI. 

I think the main reason I'm depressed this week is it's, you know what... I'm always low, ratty, frustrated, and generally on a downer this time of the month.  Next week I'll be full of sunshine and energy - you watch!

Now off to take a look at a ghost story I started... 


  1. I totally understand the split feelings about our little ones starting school.. one half of me is dying to be able to push my business forward a bit, the other is already sad that I only have a few months left with my 'baby' before she starts at school.. the bittersweet-ness of being a mum eh?

  2. Yes, on one hand you want them to grow up, the other, you're wondering where your cute four year old is disappearing to.

    As one door closes another opens - so they say.


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