Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Book Review: Her Not-So-Secret Diary by Anne Oliver

Her Not So Secret Diary (Riva)Her Not So Secret Diary by Anne Oliver

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My first ever Riva book and I was surprised how 'hot' it was.  Not quite Blaze, but I think Riva is Modern Romance (I can't see on their website).  Basically, there is sex, and it's not behind a closed door!

The story was nicely original, set in Australia, though sending your dream diary to your boss is a little contrived - but Sophie was tired so I'll let her off.  But it's a nice idea that Jared then tries to please Sophie and her fantasies.  He's one hot hero really ::sigh:: 

Jared has attractive qualities.  Business shell (Alpha Male) on the outside, but firm family commitments on the inside.  He's a hero that takes control, without controlling the heroine - if that makes sense?

This book provides some nice ups and downs emotionally, with a lovely romantic ending, too.

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  1. It is surprising how hot some of the Rivas are! Whereas others are just sweet. A bit like a box of chocolates, never know what you're going to get, but so far I have enjoyed them all.

  2. Interesting. Going to read the next one that I got for free... will it be so 'hot'.

    Liz Fielding said she'd written something for Riva, and I wonder if she's been able to go that bit further with the 'heat' considering she usually writes for Sweet/Cherish.


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