Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Right, I've Had Enough Now Of Spammers!

I've had two comments posted on my blog now, and each provide a link to an online pharmacy, selling viagra no doubt!

I have it set up so that you have to enter a code to post a comment. (Don't I?) I may have change this for a bit and put it that I authorise comments and see if that gets rid of this annoyance.  In a minute I will go look at my options.

Why, oh why is the internet riddled with these bloody people! No I don't want viagra, and if I did, I wouldn't buy it from you.

Ha! Just noticed they used a LJ account, so I've gone and reported them as a bot.  Take that! (Imagine me ninja chopping - not helping I'm reading The Scarlet Kimono which is obviously set in Japan - not that the books mention ninjas or anything... just me having a rambling moment, or witter (that's for Morton S Gray).

As a side note, I was thinking of changing the name of my blog, to Witterings of a Mad Woman (as I've noticed a lot of Ramblings) or Mad Woman Witters...  Would that automatically update everyone's blogs that have it on their blog lists?  Or should I keep it as Ramblings... ? Undecided.


  1. Ah stupid spammers! They're a waste of space. I like witterings of a mad woman. Being my usual unhelpful self I have no idea if blog lists would automatically update :->

  2. What about (The) Musings of a Mad Woman or Musings of a Writer or something like that?

  3. Hi Teresa,

    I've been wondering how to stop the spammers after seeing lots appear on another blog. What a pain.

    I like Mad Woman Witters. Thanks for the mention and I am hoping I didn't upset you today, if I did it was unintentional. Not sure how you would change title without losing followers ets, but I'm sure the help desk would be able to sort it as they must have had the situation before.

    Please let me know if you sort out spam thing. Mx

  4. I've worked out where I need to change it, so that it would update other blog links ;-) When I created my blog I didn't give it much thought, and I think I may have taken the 'ramblings' subconsciously from someone anyway...

    Morton, I'm not sure I'm following you... I am unaware that you would have upset me (I am extremely thick skinned). Where? Maybe it's best I don't know! lol!

    Alexandra, the idea is to use the word Witter ;-)

  5. Sorry Teresa, I misunderstood, I thought you were looking for suggestions. :o)

  6. No worries, Alexandra. Wittering is more my word than musing, too.

  7. Not something I've had a problem with - so far! - but isn't Blogger supposed to have a spam filter? Maybe it doesn't work.
    I like the sound of "wittering woman". A nice alliteration.

  8. Thanks Gail, I'm going to play later. It's just that I've noticed by changing the name of this blog, it doesn't update on other blogs that have it in their blog list. So might have to ask other bloggers to update. Or see if it does happen over night. Will have to do it later though, kids home from school and we're back out again soon. Gotta sort the dinner! Ho hum!


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