Saturday, 26 March 2011

Book Review: The Wedding Date by Ally Blake

The Wedding Date (Mills & Boon Riva)The Wedding Date by Ally Blake

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book and again, I will try to write a review without spoilers. 

This Riva story contained sexy and sensual scenes, not behind closed bedroom doors!

The story starts off slowly, the relationship side of things, but this wasn't a bad thing, it felt realistic, letting the pressure build up between the two of them - and that doesn't mean it 'read' slowly.  But initially the hero doesn't reveal too much his motives.  Though reading between the lines, you kind of guess it - why else would he gate crash his assistant's holiday, her sister's wedding?  Hannah is teased to frustration, unsure of why her boss is acting the way he is - and so are we!

There's some wonderful dialogue; Hannah Gillespie is no pushover, she's feisty, which keeps their relationship interesting and creates great chemistry between these two characters, but you just know her heart is in trouble.

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Also, with this book - I'll post here, rather than on Goodreads - I was intrigued to read it because it's titled The Wedding Date, which is the title of the film that inspired The Wedding Favour - at least the 'wedding' part of it, anyway. 

I was worried that maybe my story wouldn't be original, someone had beaten me to it - but phew!  The story, although revolving around a wedding, has Hannah's boss as her date for totally different reasons.  There was even a lift scene - but again, luckily different.  So for the record, the things I've put in The Wedding Favour were wrote before I read this book!  However, they were inspired by the film.  And it just goes to show that no ideas can really be copyrighted, because it is likely someone will have the similar thoughts, or get inspired by something they've read or watched - just luckily will write them differently.

Yay - and 13 books down! Way ahead of schedule.

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