Tuesday, 8 March 2011

It Doesn't Help I'm Indecisive!

This morning I received an email from the Students Services at Writer's Bureau.  They're happy for me to switch to the fiction part and have forwarded the first two assignments (numbers 11 & 12).

They look FAB! Still hard work, still challenging, but the first assignment (11), looks like I have to write a short story and say the market I've written it for - I've already bought plenty of magazines to research, so that bits done too.  I've virtually have a short story written already.  I'd only have to do the two exercises, and obviously read the modules!

The thing is, my tutor responded before them and was happy for me to write pieces for assignment sake, even agreeing about using the museum, as she feels the non-fiction assignments will also help with my fiction.  (See previous post) And so I will finish the 7th Assignment now - as we went to the helicopter museum and all three parts are written, just need a polish! 

However, I am wondering if it is a waste of an assignment if I then continue on to number 8, and I'm doing them just for the sake of it, not really studying the market.  My tutors advice is invaluable, and wouldn't it be best used on an article that I'm considering to send off to a publication? Giving it a better chance of being printed?

So should I follow my heart, and go with the fiction assignments - as I really want to get a short story published!  And the fiction modules may help with the editing/writing of my novel. 

Or continue, with my head, and do the non-fiction?

I think one of my worries is that if I give up the non-fiction, I may not get the same tutor back - and I like my tutor, which is why I am hesitant to switch.

Any advice gratefully received!  Because I'm now confused.


  1. Life is too short. go with what you really want to do. Mx

  2. Yeah, I'm also liking the idea of getting feedback from a professional about my fiction. I might make the switch once I've got No. 7 off my desk. The more and more I think about it, the more I want to do that.

  3. Hi Teresa. I did a WB course (in fact I still have a couple of assignments left though I haven't subbed anything for a long time) and part way through the non-fiction I decided to swap to the fiction. I was told that I could use all my assignments in any way I wanted to, the only conditions being that I had to keep within the specified number of words and I had to sign a waver to say that I gave up my right to the refund of fees if I didn't sell enough to cover them.
    I would ask your tutor if you can do the same.
    Good luck with your writing.

  4. Hi, Gail.

    Yes, I've made the decision now, I'm going to go with the fiction part of the coursework. Amazing how much better I feel about that decision already. It means it'll make me generate fiction work, or be able to use some stories I've already created but not had a lot of success at. Also, I will find writing a Synopsis very useful.


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