Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Could Be A Sign I'm Crazy

I've just submitted The Wedding Favour into the Tibor Jones Pageturner Prize thanks to Sally Quilford! 

It closes tomorrow - so no, it's not a hasty decision at all. Not. 

It's all Sally's fault because she said they were accepting first drafts, and well, The Wedding Favour is just that.  But it is complete.  The first couple of chapters are maybe more polished than the rest of the novel - which is what they're going to read first at the end of the day.  They'll soon decide after first couple of chapters (or pages), won't they?

My only minor concern is that it's not formatted correctly... i.e. indented paragraphs.  This is because when I format the document like that, then try to post it on something like LJ for my betas to read, it loses all it's formatting and becomes the block of doom!

It was free to enter, and decided I didn't have a lot to lose! So fingers, toes and all that crossed.  They will alert the winner 21st March - so not a long wait.


  1. Everything crossed for you Teresa :-D

  2. Good luck! fingers and toes are crossed for you Teresa :D x x x

  3. Thank you! Yes, everything crossed. Not confident, but it's like the lottery, only chance of winning is by buying a ticket.


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