Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Inspiration From Strange Places

This morning I managed a run, all 3.11 miles/5kms, but I struggled, having my son's cold.  I wanted to give up after two miles.

I do find now that I run, I don't suffer with colds like I used to (touches wood) - watch me now, I'll be struck down and bedridden! This cold hasn't made me feel too miserable, put it this way.

Not only does it keep me fit, running does give me just over thirty minutes of brainstorming.  In fact so much so I can be thinking about my hero or heroine my pace slows. Not so good when trying to race myself.

Today, I decided on a name for a character who's brewing up. I already had the idea of him being an ex-fireman (due to an idea of him giving a fireman's carry), suffering with post traumatic stress - or something like that, and that's why he had to leave the profession.  (Don't worry, I will do my research, but at this point, it's just about getting ideas out there, whether they're realistic or not can come later).  I had this idea that it would be because he couldn't save someone who was involved in a terrible car accident or something.  Well, today I came up with that the 'woman' would be his lover - to give him the extra angst he needs.  So five years down the line (or something) he's built up a business of his own, bit of a ladies man, not really interested in finding Mrs Right, she died five years ago ... when bam! His really annoying neighbour catches his eye.  (I want them to bicker at one another - sort of a sign of attraction without admitting it).

So a successful run; he's got a name (Jack, but it might change - he was Jason), and I've worked out why he's no longer a fireman, with some extra angst. Hurrah!

I also get my inspiration when I'm in the shower - maybe those ten minutes on my own, just allows my mind to drift - or when I'm doing the washing up.  There's not really a lot to think about while doing that, is there?  I'm trying to convince hubby that me having a lie in at the weekends I don't work IS brainstorming ...

So when does your inspiration strike, or when do you get your brainstorming sessions in?  Any weird ones?


  1. Usually my inspiration comes just as i'm about to drop off to sleep. It's annoying but it's when I have my best ideas.

  2. Yeah, I can be thinking of things before I go off to sleep. I do have a notebook beside the bed, but usually I just try and remember till morning ;-)


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