Monday, 21 March 2011

Treated Myself!

At last! I've bought a new chair.

Where I write
My RSI really has been quite testing lately. And I've even had a weekend off, really, with my mum and sister visiting. Yet, the slightest fiddle, and my elbow and wrist would ache, so I still can't over do it.

Today, I needed a trip to Staples to get some labels as I've been ebaying (that's been my main cause over the weekend to use the PC) - wanting to get some money together as I'm failing with my writing.  It's been a while since I set foot in Staples, and it's all been changed around - almost felt like I was walking around Curry's yet, not only were there PCs, Laptops, Printers, and Kindles (yes! even Kindles) there was STATIONERY!  But I resisted.  I really do have enough notebooks to be getting on with, and until I clear my study (of my nappy stockpile), I don't have room yet for another bookshelf.  Anyway, the chairs were to the left, just as I walked in ...

Was going to blog about my Kindle, but failed miserably.
This year I really want to sort out my study.  It's a nice sized room but it is abused!  The dumping ground for items we're not sure where to put, or want to keep the lounge/dining room clutter free.

As you can see under the desk to the right is my old PC which I need to start up again (if it will), and delete all files from it.  Then it can go off to recycling or something. The other end of my study, needs a bloody good clear out - including the nappy stock pile I mentioned earlier - and then it might feel more like a workspace and not a dumping ground.  Though I do fear the ironing and washing will have to remain.  Not so bad in the summer, the airer can be put away.   But the winter it's a study/laundry room.

I want to put a chair in the corner by the window for reading - might have to share that with the cat, as this is her room too.

So, sorted out my mouse and got my wireless one working again.  Foot stool and new chair bought.  And my Kindle. What other gadgets does a writer need, or am I all set?

Oh and still haven't found my favourite pen, either.  I'm sure the bloody cat has swiped it off my desk, but where the hell it's gone I've not the foggiest ...


  1. I love your Kindle cover! It stands up. It's purple! Severe Kindle cover envy.

  2. Thanks, Julia. It is rather comfortable, as long as I make sure that I sit myself in it properly!

    Becky, that was my other treat to myself. Had to get a cover, and decided to go for purple ... that way hubby won't nick it :-P


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