Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Advent Calendar Day 1 #TeresaFMorgan

Behind door number 1 is me!

I thought I would get this show on the road, and introduce you to my advent calendar blog posts.

Each day there will be something different behind the 'door' - just like opening your advent calendar.

It could be a different author sharing a Christmas story or tradition, or even a recipe. It will allow them to also share details of their book - Christmassy or not! Or different Christmassy discussions.

Hopefully there will be some eye candy behind a door or two for you, too :)

Today is the first day on our advent calendars.

Do you have a chocolate calendar or one that comes out every year?

I have a cloth one that has pockets which I fill. Each year this advent calendar comes out, and I have to find small chocolates to put into the pockets, as I need to squeeze two in there for the boys.

This year I've bought advent calendar chocolates from my friend and they look so cute in their foil wrappers!

Each morning, the boys take it in turn to move the tree that sits in the pocket and take out the chocolates.

As a child, I used to love the chocolate ones - obviously, but our Aunt used to send us a picture advent calendar in the post. I used to love opening the little window to see what scene was behind it.

And as today is the first door to be opened... I feel it is only fair we share some eye candy too!

Having watched both Bridget Jones' Diary movies recently (for research purposes), I fell in love all over again with Mark Darcy (aka Colin Firth). So here he is at the end of Bridget Jones' Diary. :)

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