Friday, 4 December 2015

Advent Calendar Day 4 - Happy Birthday Ben!

I had to save the 4th door for my eldest son, Benjamin.

He turned 11 today!

I have absolutely no idea where all the years have gone. And I still remember his birth as if it was yesterday (well, almost - there are bits I have chosen to forget).

Ben does make me proud! As all mums wish, I hope he turns into a loving, handsome, young man. I am trying my best. Having two sons, I tell myself I'm bringing up future husbands! I want my future daughter-in-laws to thank me.

Ben is my quietly confident son, who is quite sensible but has no fear - except of some vegetables. He is becoming a bit annoying at times... as he's verging on turning into a teenager and tends knows it all. This is when he frustrates me. However, he shares my great sense of humour and even my sarcasm.

We never used to put the Christmas decorations up until the middle of December in our family, usually because we had a real tree. However, since Ben came along, I've always let him celebrate his birthday first, allowing his cards to stay up for a week (which is how long I tend to allow birthday cards to stay up!) Once they come down, then the Christmas cards can go up and the tree and decorations.

I do feel for him, as he has to wait a whole year for presents to open on his birthday, and then a few weeks later it's Christmas. It's a bit of a nightmare when it comes to present hunting!  And the expense. I made sure I planned Kieran better ;-)

Do you have a family birthday in December? How do you make sure they get to celebrate their birthday, and not get it lost in the excitement of Christmas?

My favourite photo of us! Taken this summer in Bristol. 

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