Friday, 18 December 2015

Advent Calendar Day 18 #CarolineRoberts

Door 18! Only 6 days left of our advent calendars to go. Behind today's door is Caroline Roberts. 

Caroline Roberts Christmas Q’s

Feeling festive? What are your favourite things to do at this time of year?

I love going to Edinburgh on the lead up to Christmas, browsing rather than serious shopping, with plenty of time to stop for a glass of bubbly or a cocktail. The festive lights and Christmas markets are lovely, and with the views of the castle, it’s really special.

Fav snow or ice related activity?

Making snow angels. I had a great girls’ night at a friend’s house a few years ago. It snowed really heavily through the evening, and was quite magical when we left in the early hours. Walking home three of us decided to make snow angels on the village green. We then wrote our names under them. No more snow fell that night, so our teenage children were amused (mortified?!) the next morning waiting for the school bus, as the names and angels were still there, with our footsteps heading home from them!

Does Christmas feature in any of your novels?

The Torn Up Marriage explores the fallout of an affair on a family and a marriage. Christmas was a particularly poignant time to write about – highlighting the difficulties of being apart at traditional family times, how to cope with the children, trying to keep things as normal as possible when you are breaking inside, dealing with the practicalities, and the emotions that everyone feels. It’s a really tough time for many people. In case anyone is interested here’s the Amazon Link to the book:

Favourite thing about winter? 

Wrapping up warm, walking the dog on Bamburgh beach or the moorland hills with my family, then coming home to a real fire and a hot chocolate.

Hostess with the mostess, or ready made?
Bit of both! I have tried to do-it-all in past years and ended up feeling worn out, so I have learnt that as hostess/busy Mum I need some time out too over the Christmas period. I love Marks and Spencer’s for a treat and their party nibbles are fantastic, and though I do love to cook and will be making a traditional roast turkey dinner for the family, I usually buy in the stuffing and sausage wraps! I’m actually doing a tapas night for a change on Christmas Eve this year – I do a mean king prawn dish with garlic and chili, and spicy meatballs!

Favourite Christmas tradition?

Christmas Stockings – I just love them. Putting them out on Christmas Eve, “finding” them full Christmas morning. My children are now grown up and still want them!

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Merry Christmas!

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