Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Advent Calendar Day 8 #XmasQuestionnaire

Behind door number 8 - me again! Boo!

I answered this questionnaire for another blogger, but then it never got used, so I figured I'd share some of my answers here.

* What does Christmas mean to you?

Presents, family, turkey, card games and panto!

* When does the Christmas excitement usually begin in your household?

Now that I have a son with a birthday on the 4th December, we usually let him celebrate his birthday before getting too excited about Christmas. I usually put the decorations and tree up around the 16th December. Now I can’t have a real tree (too big for my cosy little house) I can do it a bit earlier if needs be. I let him have his cards up for a week.

* In terms of present shopping, do you like to begin early and stay organised, or are you a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of shopper?

I try to buy things as I go. If I see something in June that I think will make a fabulous Christmas present, I’ll buy it then. I like to spread the cost and stress.

* What’s your favourite part of a Christmas dinner?

Pulling the crackers and telling the bad jokes from them. This one sticks in my memory as a kid is; ‘Where do you weigh a whale? At a Whaleweigh station”. Yep, bad I know.

* Least favourite part?

Picking up the discarded wrapping paper! (It always worries me it’s such a waste – at least it gets recycled now).

* Ultimate favourite Christmas song?

Fairytale of New York by the Pogues and Kirsty McColl – never tire of that song.

* Favourite Christmas movie?

Recently, with the kids, it’s been ‘Nativity!’ and ‘Nativity 2’ – because they include Martin Freeman and David Tennant, and the hilarious Mr Poppy who both my kids want as a teacher in their school. (Nativity 3 wasn’t as good but still fun.) Otherwise, I love ‘Santa Claus’ with Dudley Moore because for me, as a child, it answered the question of how Santa got around the world to all the children in one night.

* What sits atop your Christmas tree?

A star.

* Do you decorate with precision, or happy chaos?

Happy chaos. In fact I don’t put half up as my dad used to when we were kids. I don’t have the room.

* Who does the washing up afterwards?

Mainly Bosch the dishwasher – and what won’t go in, is sadly done by me.

* How early do you wake up on Christmas morning?

It’s not how early I wake up – it’s the kids. They’re not allowed in my bedroom before 6.30am! (They usually open their stockings on my bed.)

* Three favourite Christmas smells?

Mulled cider simmering, cinnamon, and fresh Christmas trees (not that I get that now I have to have a fake tree).

* Do you pile presents around the tree, or wait until Christmas Eve so they’re there on Christmas morning?

I pile them under the tree Christmas Eve once the boys have gone to bed, as if Santa has delivered them all. If I get handed a present before then, they go under the tree now the boys are old enough to know not to open them.

* Cranberry sauce or not?
Not my blog without some eye candy :) 

Definitely cranberry sauce!

* Mince pie or Christmas pudding?

Christmas pudding with brandy butter. I’ll eat mince pies, and even make them, but I’m not a lover of them.

* Any special Christmas traditions?

Panto! Every year Dad & I take the boys to the pantomime. It’s something Dad did with me and my brother, and I have fond childhood memories of those. I wanted my boys to have those memories too.

* At what point do the Christmas decorations come down?

On the 12th Day of Christmas (the 5th January I think) or as close to that as convenient. It’s unlucky otherwise. I can never understand those who put their decorations up the 1st of December and rip them down Boxing Day. The 12 days of Christmas are after, not before.

* What are you looking forward to most, this Christmas?

Relaxing, playing games with the boys and watching films, snuggled up on the sofa. I work in a Post Office part time, and the days I work fall over the bank holiday period, so I have almost two weeks off! Not sure I’ll get any writing done with the two boys about either, but it will be good to relax before the start of another year.

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